Mission: (nearly) Impossible

What keeps us from writing?

Habitually poor grammar? Heathen children? Insurmountable dirty laundry?

Here at Writing Woes, I’m sharing my hard-earned lessons with others who have something holding their pencil-pushing prowess back.

I’m covering everything from the essentials to the trivial, so that we may refresh that forgotten outline, dust off that story bible, or track, lasso, and hog-tie our at-large muse.

And as busy as we all are, there must be a reason this small -town country bumpkin is cutting into her /writing/working/drawing/hunting/friends/family time to BLOG. Here it is, black and white–I’m building my platform. I’ve written a book and I really want to see it published…traditional style.

Help a girl out, check out my posts, leave comments and suggestions, or complaints if you like. Now I have to go, I’ve got to finish my current chapter before work!

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