Hallow’s Eve for Fantasy Writers


Pumpkins, cool mornings, the sound of leaves falling, harvest moons, HALLOWEEN. There’s no doubt about it, Autumn inspires. Pushing aside the cliché, let’s keep ourselves original and find our inspiration in the frequently overlooked details of Hallow’s Eve.

10 things that inspire:

1. The way the wind whistles through bare branches reminds me of banshees or a coven of lost souls moaning in despair.

2. Foggy mornings illicit thoughts of a voodoo cursed bayou. Maybe the bayou gators are blind. Maybe they’re blind because a voodoo priestess needs their eyes to conjure a priest. Maybe…

3. Haloes around the moon spawn superstitions worldwide. What kind of superstition would it signify in your fantasy novel?

4. Shorter days, longer nights. Just let that thought marinate a little bit…

5. Celebrations. Each culture celebrates the holiday uniquely. We wear masks, eat sugar until we’re borderline diabetic and scare small children…How would your characters celebrate a “Day of Death?”

6. Empty streets. Certain fall elements-chilly air, fewer post-dusk activities and goblins-have people in their houses with doors deadbolted by dark. What roams the streets when no one is watching in your fantasy world?

7. Dying leaves rattle like maracas played by loose-boned skeletons tap-dancing down a street of legos. That’s NOISE. What else makes that kind of racket?

8. Blue skies give way to the infinite gray clouds. What sort of feelings does this invoke?

9. Think of the smaller aspects of a cemetery. A eulogy on the tombstone of a warrior in your fantasy world might read: …..

10. If Halloween were about life, how would it be celebrated?

Hopefully those creative juices are flowing, just in time for NaNoWriMo!!


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