Finding the Motivation to Write


We’ve all been there… staring at a blank page until our eyes burn from not blinking, with pen in hand and ready to write, but it’s not happening.

If we force the words, they won’t flow well, but you can’t just write nothing. We’ve got deadlines or a limited window of opportunity. So, how do we turn that magic back on?

Here’s a Top 10 list of my best tools to get motivated:

1. Turn to tunes. If you make playlists to match the current mood or scene you’re writing, it may just get you in the mood too.

2. Get busy. Work out for 20 minutes or so, and you’ll come back to that blank piece of paper with a more awake brain. It’s like wiggling the mouse when your computer’s on standby.

3. Eat. Like working out, food gets the body and mind functioning.

4. Read a bit. Nothing rejuvenates a stagnant chapter like reading work that isn’t your own. Suddenly, you remember other words do exist…

5. Sunshine. Good ol’ Vitamin D can work wonders, especially after being cooped up all winter long…*writes from sunny spot on front porch*…

6. Finish that work.  That means housework, homework, yardwork, workwork….Sometimes, what’s keeping us from writing is we can’t corral our mind. Clean your plate, then try again.

7. Treat yourself, don’t beat yourself. Give yourself a break, indulge in a guilty pleasure, make yourself happy again. Nothing good spawns from negativity.

8. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog… and then he turned and raised his hackles at the dog, jowls peeling back over pointed teeth, seething with a wild need to kill, because he has RABIES! Oh yes, rabies, and then….. See what I did there? Give it a go.

9. Go to your happy place. I mean this a tad more literally than golf pro Happy Gilmore. Go to your secret place nobody knows about, where no one can bother you. Go to that pinnacle where you can see for miles around, or that forgotten pioneer cemetery deep in the woods when the periwinkle has just begun to bloom, or that big, abondoned warehouse where the smell of rust and wet metal is rampant. These are all my places, its okay to have more than one.

10. Last but not least-influence yourself. Pop the cork on that bottle of wine, or have another beer, or whatever. (If you’re of legal age of course.) Nothing loosens the jaw hinges like a good buzz, so why shouldn’t it work for writing too? Who’s to say I haven’t got a bottle of wine on this porch with me? 😉

Thanks for reading! If you’ve got anything to add, let me hear about it!

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