Recognizing an Opportunity



Possibly the single biggest issue with aspiring authors is finding time to write. We can wish for 42 hour days all we want, but unless the stars align and some crazy ju-ju happens, we aren’t getting it.

But we can steal time.

How? This is how i did it.

Break habits. Make habits.

Avoid extended, routine ‘goodbyes’ with fellow co-workers. Make it snappy and get out of there. Same for mornings–it’s nonsense to show up thirty minutes early, sip coffee and partake in needless banter, when you could be writing. 

Stop at the station every day for caffeine? Buy that stuff by the bulk and put it in your own fridge, make your own lunches so you aren’t driving and use that stolen time to brainstorm ideas on a scrap of paper while your eating.

I’ve already saved you an hour a day…

Cheating chores!

I’m not saying sweep dirt under the rug. I’m saying that if you are planning to get serious about writing, you are going to have to be okay with your living space not being in tip-top condition all hours of the day. But you can do some simple things that make your house appear clean, to help you cope, so to speak. Corral clutter, keep sweaters and coats off the backs of chairs, keep shoes together.

Clean the shower while you’re showering…WHAT?! Now, don’t keep a set of gloves and bottle of lysol beside your shampoo; that’s gross. But you can hide a small scrubber within reach so you can quickly spruce up the spots where the soap sits, etc.

Set yourself a time limit, so that when you’re doing dishes, you don’t keeping sneaking back to the living room to lean over the back of the couch to catch some TV. Better yet, turn on some tunes.

These miniscule steps add

Be prepared.

Keep a noteback handy… EVERYWHERE. Keep one in the vehicle, one in your lunchbox, your coat, your bedside, the local VFW… anywhere your mind feels free enough to wander. If you wait until you get home to your very special designated writing book, you’re going to spend countless hours trying to remember that awesome idea you had.

So, turn over a new leaf and become a thief! 🙂 How do you steal time? Let me know!

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